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Integrated Rail Plan Update

Meeting: 23/02/2022 - Transport for the North Board (Item 5)

5 Integrated Rail Plan Update pdf icon PDF 334 KB

To consider the progress update on the IRP technical report, TfN’s independent assessment of the economic impact of the IRP and an update on local contributions.


Lead: Tim Foster



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5.1          Members received the report from the Interim Strategy and Programme Director who highlighted the key elements of the report.

5.2          Mayor Brabin raised the issue of the Manchester to Leeds line via Bradford and requested that Members continue to make the case that this should remain a key part of the Board’s ambition for the North, both for connectivity and resilience purposes.

5.3          Mayor Burnham looked for re-assurance that the Board’s long term vision remains on the table.  He highlighted that the IRP had not been prepared with the benefit of an assessment by the Government as to how it relates to the levelling up ‘missions’ and suggested that the Board request that a levelling up assessment be made on the Board’s preferred report and the IRP.

5.4          Mr. Rob Macintosh stated that TfN are right to keep the long-term vision of NPR alive, whilst highlighting that the IRP is also key to unlocking annualised funding of immediate budgets for various projects: TfN continues to have a key role to play in unlocking such funding.  On the issue of funding mechanism he believes that TfN and the Board should continue to explore different funding mechanisms and offered Network Rails help in facilitating this.

5.5          Mayor Driscoll suggested starting work on those things mentioned in the IRP in order that they don’t drift.

5.6          Mr. Mark Rawstrone raised the issue of the economic benefits and impacts and suggested focusing on the economic benefit messaging.

5.7          The Chair suggested that some of the issues raised by Members by included in a follow up letter to the Transport Select Committee.


That Board notes the contents of the report and endorse the proposed next steps outlined in Section 4.