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Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure (EVCI)

Meeting: 30/03/2022 - Transport for the North Board (Item 9)

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To consider and approve TfN’s EV Charging Infrastructure Framework evidence.

Lead: Simon McGlone


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9.1          Members received the report from Senior Planning & Strategy Office who highlighted the key aspects of the report.

9.2          Cllr Hale stated the importance of consistency of charging delivery across the region, for both urban and more sparsely populated areas. As well as the importance of considering charging needs at home alongside charging needs on the move, and at the end of journeys. Without this whole network view of journeys, people will not consider buying electric vehicles.

He also raised the issue of poorer areas which see a higher proportion of older fossil fueled vehicles because they are more affordable and therefore a market led approach to EV uptake may leave some places behind.

9.3          Cllr Browne highlighted the challenge faced by members undertaking applications for public funding to deliver the requirements identified by TfN’s evidence. Noting that many constituent Members are in the same position on this issue, he asked what TfN might do to support constituent authorities and how it might engage with the commercial sector.  He suggested TfN could lead on a pan northern procurement framework, which constituent members could call on to support deliver of EV charging networks, in order to benefit from economies of scale.

The Board was supportive of the suggestion of a pan-Northern procurement framework and critical that authorities are required to bid for funding for national infrastructure.

9.4          Cllr Robinson welcomed a framework of evidence completed on a regional footprint which accounts for user travel across a wider spatial area. The ability to understand the capacity of the electricity grid, and whether the energy mix across the North will support EV uptake was also welcomed.

9.5          Members were keen to stress that whilst the move to electric vehicles is important to achieving net zero, it is only one component aspect, and modal shift, active travel and other solutions also need to be encouraged and considered.


1)   That the Board supports the approach taken to build a regional evidence base to support vehicle fleet decarbonisation and local decision making

2)   The Board notes the capabilities and example findings now available to understand and communicate the regions EV charging infrastructure requirements.

3)   The Board supports our intended next steps to communicate, apply and advance the EVCI framework in conjunction with our regional EV Steering Group.