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ECML Services and Infrastructure

Meeting: 31/05/2022 - Rail North Committee (Item 6)

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To consider the report of the Interim Head of Investment Planning; to provide the Committee with an update on development of a revised East Coast Main Line timetable and on the work developing a Blueprint for development of services and infrastructure on the East Coast Main Line.

Lead: David Hoggarth

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6.1             Members received the report from the Interim Head of Investment and Planning who highlighted the key elements of the report.

6.2          The Chair explained that the Committee are awaiting Government proposals on this issue and once these have been agreed briefings will be held for Officers and Members so that actions can be taken forward quickly.


6.3          Mayor Driscoll stated that within the Integrated Rail Plan (IRP) there are a number of mentions of schemes that will increase capacity on the East Coast Mainline to a potential seventh or eighth path however, in order for this to happen all the trains would need to run at the same speed and stop at the same places.


He further explained that leaders across the area are working on a cross party basis and requested that the Committee endorse the creation of the East Coast Mainline Programme Board.

6.4          Cllr Scott stressed the importance of reinstating the timetable following the last consultation as well as the urgency of the upgrade of the line from York.


6.5          Cllr Hinchcliffe welcomed the progress that had been made on the proposals to improve capacity on the northern approach to York Station she also welcomed the joint work to develop the joint proposals in Bradford and Shipley to help the commitment for additional services between Bradford and London.  


She requested an update on the publication of RNEP.  The Strategic Rail Director stated that he has been informed that this will be published soon but has not been given a date.


6.6          Mayor Coppard enquired about the Leeds Area study and asked if a deadline had been set.   The Interim Head of Investment Planning stated that this should be issued soon however DfT have not published the Terms of Reference


6.7          Mayor Burnham stated that the conversation needs to change and get back to a railway that supports economic growth in all cities and regions in the North.  He stated that Ministers need to start re-attending TfN meetings.


6.8          The Chair requested that an item on this needs including on the next Board agenda and asked that a Minister or the Secretary of State be in attendance.


6.9          The Chief Executive echoed Members comments on the importance of receiving the Terms of Reference for the Leeds Area study. He stated that in order to move this work forward quickly TfN’s role on the co-sponsorship Board can be used to make these key points to the DfT.



1)   That the Committee notes the update on industry work to introduce a revised timetable on the East Coast Main Line.

2)   That the Committee notes the work to develop a Blueprint to restore connectivity to and from the north of the East Coast Main Line on the same model as that being successfully applied to the Manchester congestion hotspot and the need to develop appropriate member and officer level governance arrangements

3)   That the Committee notes the update on the Leeds Area Study.