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Risk Review

Meeting: 21/09/2022 - Audit & Governance Committee (Item 4)

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To review the current risks held on the Transport for the North Corporate Risk Register.

LEAD:  Daniella Della-Cerra Smith

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4.1             Ms Della-Cerra-Smith presented the updated changes to the Risk Management Strategy and corporate risk register and highlighted new risks that had been identified. Mr Brady expressed thanks; a comprehensive presentation and impressed with the whole approach.  The Chair echoed the same and thought it was a very relevant set of documents practically when read alongside the business plan.


4.2             Mr Brady asked about the Centre of Excellence concept and how capacity can be built. He also enquired as to whether the risk register suggests that the autumn submission might mitigate the risk around the opportunity to build capacity. Mr Brady also asked about the Co-Sponsorship arrangements for Northern Powerhouse Rail (NPR).


4.3             Mr Kelly explained that the Department have recognised the importance of providing clarity on the role of the Centre of Excellence and how it will support Local Transport Authorities(LTA’s) and other Subnational Transport Bodies (STB’s) in areas such as the Common Analytical Framework.


4.4             Mr Foster indicated that one of the critical, early messages to the Department was that TfN want to be a Centre of Excellence and there is a huge amount of added value that TfN could bring, particularly to LTA’s and STBs, but it needs to be done via a sustainable, clear, coherent funding settlement, rather than receiving lots of small pots over time.


4.5             In response to the question on the co-sponsorship arrangement Mr Foster explained that the process is being led by DfT with TfN  supporting and is being governed by a joint sponsorship board between TfN and DfT officials. He further explained at a meeting in August, it was decided to wait until the new Government was in place, in order to give the DfT time to liaise with Ministers first, on a range of options that they are comfortable with, before it comes back to TfN Board. Both sides will need to agree before taking it forward.


4.6             He stated that the Board has given a clear stance on what it expects to see from the sponsorship arrangement and are actively talking to the Department about several issues including NPR and HS2. Lord McLoughlin has written to the new Prime Minister and Secretary of State on both issues.


4.7             Mr Brady enquired as to how this position will be reflected in the risk register. The Chair explained that the risk register is unable to capture all of that but will provide clarity around the frame within which uncertainty is being considered.


4.8             There is currently an audit taking place looking specifically at risk management maturity. Feedback will be provided over the next few weeks.



That the Committee notes updates to the report and the risk management strategy and provides assurance to the Board on 29 September 2022 that efficient and effective risk management practice and processes are in place.

Meeting: 16/09/2022 - Audit & Governance Committee (Item 4.)

4. Risk Review (15 minutes) pdf icon PDF 112 KB

To review the current risks held on the Transport for the North Corporate Risk Register.

LEAD:  Daniella Della-Cerra Smith

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